Bollyman Express EMS

Bollyman Express (BEX) services for Ecommerce Exports to China

    BEX has been appointed by China Post (China’s state owned postal service) to develop businesses overseas. So we represent BEX in the UK and Europe in pioneering this B2C ecommerce export service in to China. This gives us an exclusive right to distribute in certain channels, giving us a major cost and delivery advantage over other more well-known Express Mail Service companies. We therefore aim to connect UK and European businesses with our international supply chain network.

    The import market of China is extremely large, which will be highly rewarding for the early exporters to China. In 2012, China had USD 1.8 Trillion worth of imports compared to USD 0.785 Trillion in the UK. This difference of over USD 1.0 Trillion of imports highlights the immense size of the economy and will continue to grow as the wealth spreads towards 4th and 5th Tier cities. There really is huge potential to export the many high quality and highly desirable British and European goods in to China. Taken together, by combining the expertise of IBho and BEX, we are capable of developing supply chain solutions that will maximise your business impact in China.